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Why bonuses and free bets are given on sports betting sites?

April 14, 2019

Online sport betting is one of the best ways to have fun besides earning great money. The best part about betting online is popular websites like bet365 come up with free bets and bonuses to the players. Bonuses are nothing but the extra money that gets added to the player’s online account. These are simply an addition to the player’s bankroll. Finding a good bonus is quite easy and it is usually given to new customers when they sign up and deposit for the first time. Getting bonus is indeed exciting but one might also wonder about the reasons behind offering these special bonuses.

Today, there is a significant increase in the number of bitcoin betting websites over internet. As there are countless websites available, bettors have an option of choosing a portal of their choice. As a result, these portals come up with enticing bonuses in order to attract more visitors to their sites. Bonuses and free bets are used as strategies by online sports betting companies to lure and allow players to place bets. These bonuses not only attract the visitors but also make them join a new site. In fact, it is likely that a visitor becomes a regular customer and end up making additional deposits, if the site offers more bonuses.

Bonuses again come in different types and the most popular being sign up bonus. This is the most common type of bonus offered when a customer joins the website. Sign up bonus is usually a fixed percentage on the first deposit that a player makes. This bonus is added into the players account once the first deposit is made. This can be withdrawn along with any winnings once the betting requirements are met. On the other hand, some portals offer free bets when initial deposits are made or for just signing up. Some other websites provide a refund if a player loses the first bet. Free bets are not as valuable as bonuses, yet they let you place wagers that are free from risk.

One can check out and even compare the sign up bonuses and free bets at the time of joining a website. Reload bonus is another common type of bonuses that many sites offer. These are almost similar to sign up bonuses, but unlike the latter, reload bonuses are given for existing players. It again depends on the website as when you will get reloads. Some offer them every month on your first deposit, while some other offers every week. However, regardless of the kinds, always find and go with those bonuses that are on the offer.